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Nomad soul

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Educational piece that was created in October of 2020 to break the stigma and misconceptions around Kazakhstan. It is a personal story that teleports you there and gives you a glimpse of what it is like to live there through a narrative. It is not an anti-Borat; it is a pro-Kazakhstan campaign.

Most copywriter’s and art director’s would describe a long-copy advertisement as a great opportunity, a rare chance to flex their skills and demonstrate High Craft: strategy, style and craftsmanship. It’s arguable that the movement to simpler, more visual communications is less a trend than it is a need to cross cultural boundaries – since more ads run globally, the practitioners that create them are equally diverse. This brings us to our topic and our objective – long copy advertising & social awareness/activism.

Using diversity or inclusiveness or equality or justice (or any ethically sensitive topic) as the central theme, create a short story, large interior subway station poster that clearly illuminates the brand character, also known as brand essence.

Kazakhstan - so missed, so misunderstood.


OUR STORYAlthough a few people know about Kazakhstan, I feel like there is still a lack of understanding. So let’s start by getting the name right. The “H” is silent, and the stress is on the first syllable, like this: /′KA:zαkstαn/. For you, it might be a tricky thing to say, but for me, it is a place I call home. When I say it, I immediately think of the Tian Shan mountain range that I can see from my living room window, which sits alongside a mix of futuristic buildings with legendary historical monuments and the kindness and hospitality of its people. For me, it represents a country with diverse cultural heritage and population. I hope you travel there and see it for yourself one day, but if not, you know me.

Nomad soul: subway banner designFInal execution: subway banner
Final execution: subway banner